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Codec Auditioner by NUGEN Audio
MasterCheck Pro
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Mix & Master for Today's Digital Music Services

MasterCheck is the complete solution for optimizing your mixes for today's music delivery services. Streaming apps, websites and podcasts all use data compression, loudness matching or both. This can affect your mixes in undesirable ways: your loud punchy mix could end up quiet and flat, or suffer clipping or distortion. The good news is you don't just have to mix for CD and hope for the best. MasterCheck Pro reveals problems ahead of time, and enables you to deliver masters tuned for specific playout systems.

Cross Platform Mastering

How does your mix sound on Spotify, YouTube or Digital Radio? MasterCheck Pro will show you, enabling you to take back control of the listening experience. You'll instantly hear how your tracks are affected by loudness matching algorithms on different devices and services, and you'll know how your masters respond to different codecs and bandwidths.

One Plug in, Complete Toolset

MasterCheck Pro gives you the tools to make sure your mix reaches the listener sounding as you intended:

  • Master for Spotify, Apple Music and many other platforms.
  • Perfectly balance Loudness & Dynamic Range.
  • Audition encoded audio streams in real time.
  • Compare and Match reference mixes.
  • A/B your master FX chain with your uncompressed mix.
  • Ensure clip-free encoding with true peak metering.

Instant Playback Reality Check

Online music services and stores encode your music in various formats and bit-rates. Encoding "hot" mixes can introduce true-peak overs that will clip on playback. MasterCheck Pro will detect these errors and reveal frequency masking or other artifacts, so you can stay within safe limits. A heavily maximized master might win the loudness war on CD, but could simply be turned down by your music service or player. This leaves valuable headroom you could have used for transient detail and punch. With MasterCheck Pro's Loudness and PLR features you can find the sweet spot between perceived loudness and dynamics, tuning your master to the format. Service presets included for Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Tidal, International TV, AES, DAB+ Radio and more.

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