One Man Tribe

One Man Tribe

After traveling to Africa for the past 10 years playing with top famous drummers and musicians, I developed a unique sound and style of drumming inspired by the African rhythms and philosophies with one main goal - taking them into the next level. My research led me to assemble a custom made African drum set and to invent new percussion instruments in order to complete the sound and impact I was looking for.

After touring with my music and recording for people from all around the world, I decided to create a one of kind loop and sample library that will give creators / musicians / producers / beat-makers the opportunity to incorporate these sounds into their own creation. One Man Tribe sounds are made to be used in a wide range of styles, from hip-hop to jazz, and from electronic to tribal without any limits.

One Man Tribe gives you cutting edge rhythms, samples, loops, one-hits, multitrack files and extras on a budget. Making global sounds available for everybody. New music styles are emerging, creating new cultures and erasing boarders. Let's be a part of this natural evolution and innovate.

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