Faxi Nadu Korg ES1 Samplebank

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Faxi Nadu Korg ES1 Samplebank
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Faxi Nadu Korg ES1 Samplebank

This is a bank and samplepack for the Korg ES1 and ES1mkII samplers.

Includes circa 650 samples in 10 banks and you get both the bank files and the individual sample files for use anywhere you please other than on the ES1.

The sounds are in 16-bit 32000hz as the standard on the electribe requires.
Sampling sources include various things from virtual analog and analog hardware synths, to sampling sessions banging various sports gear into each other and the floor in a yoga studio, to police scanners, to sampled porn turned hits and stabs, to DSP FX, to sampled growls with a mic, pots and cans in the kitchen, core kick-snare-hat sounds and more.

Locked and Loaded

Operation is very simple. Just copy the *.es1 banks files from the pack's folders onto your SmartMedia card., pop it in the electribe and then load the bank you want into the machine.

You don't need to load the individual samples onto the card, just the banks. The individual samples are there if you want to create your own mix-n-match banks from these sounds or use them in another environment.


  • 650 files, 10banks.


  • 16-bit – 32000hz .wav for Korg ES1 and ES1mkII samplers.


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