Earthshine Soundset for Dune 2

Presets for DUNE 2 by Touch The Universe Productions
Earthshine Soundset for Dune 2
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Earthshine Soundset for Dune 2

Touch The Universe has released Earthshine, which contains 155 patches for DUNE 2 covering many areas of sound design, including lush atmospheric, floating pads, slick formant legato leads with interesting modulations via the modulation wheel, gnarly modern snappy basses, exotic digital plucks, keys and keyscapes, and interesting sequences. It is suited for all electronic genres, including ambient.

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This soundset has been in the works for a V E R Y long time, indeed. Over two years I've been compiling patches, tweaking, enhancing and selecting to finally narrow down this soundset. Some of these lead patches are really o u t o f t h i s w o r l d and have some very complex and sophisticated patch structuring going on with many different types of filters and resonance settings. This is a playground for audio rate modulation, which Dune 2 absolutely excels at. There are some interesting lush pads and floating keys within the soundset as well, often using all 8 layers."

Patch Breakdown (155 Patches):

  • Arps - 7.
  • Leads - 37.
  • Basses - 18.
  • Plucks - 28.
  • Keys - 21.
  • SQ - 3.
  • FX - 7.
  • Pads - 34.

+25 Original Wavetables.

Price: $24.

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