Chinee Orchestra

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Chinee Orchestra
Chinee Orchestra
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Operating System Availability
 2.11  -
System Requirements
Windows (32/64-bit). 3 GB RAM. 6 GB disk space.
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Chinee Orchestra

Chinee Orchestra contains 23 instruments that covers the complete instrument list of the modern Chinese orchestra arrangement, powered by QIN RV (Rack Version) 2.0 engine for Windows developed in-house by Kong Audio. Special attention has been paid to making the legato mode to accommodate Chinese instruments' characteristics.

Chinee Orchestra comprises 23 instruments, in four categories:

  • Wind instruments:
    • ChineeWinds.
    • ChineeNanxiao.
    • ChineeSheng.
    • ChineeSuoNa.
    • ChineeGuanZi.
    • ChineeHulusi.
    • ChineeXun.
    • ChineeBaWu.
  • String instruments:
    • ChineeErHu.
    • ChineeErHu II.
    • ChineeJinHu.
    • ChineeZhongHu.
    • ChineeGaoHu.
    • ChineeBanHu.
    • MatouQin.
  • Plucked instruments:
    • ChineeGuzheng II.
    • ChineePipa.
    • ChineeGuQin.
    • ChineeLiuQin.
    • ChineeSanXian.
    • ChineeRuan.
  • Percussion instruments:
    • ChineeKong V3.
    • ChineeYangQin.
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