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Analog and Modeling Pack for VA-2 and VS-2

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Analog and Modeling Pack for VA-2 and VS-2
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Analog and Modeling Pack for VA-2 and VS-2

Almost 800 presets for the Applied Acoustics System's: Ultra Analog VA-2 and String Studio VS-2. Almost $80 when bought separately.

Moon Sound Set for VA-2
Ultimate step of "Starlight". Moon is the best selling sound set. Following the release of the "Starlight" sound bank for Applied Acoustics Systems' analog synthesizer, it's now time to land on the "Moon".

Moon's Features:

  • 31 perfect ambient presets.
  • 14 arpeggiator basses just ready to play your backgrounds.
  • 16 arpeggiator presets.
  • 38 unique inspiring effects.
  • 9 romantic keys to play your favourite melodies.
  • 36 edgy leads.
  • 6 pad presets.
  • 50 synthesizer patches to complete your compositions.


DNA 2.0 "Decent-Neurotic-Analogues" for VA-2
200 presets + original 200 arpeggiator patches of DNA 1.0.

(Non-arped version of DNA 1.0 + many brand new presets. Original DNA 1.0 pack included).

Following popular demand, the pack contains carefully altered versions of DNA 1.0 presets (200 arpeggiators). All of them are in non-arp mode giving full playability and a real sonique inspiration. There are tens of the brand new presets included to give the excitement of VA-2 feeling in full. DNA 2.0 pack contains its 1.0 version giving you in total: 400 patches to play with.

DNA 2.0 offers:

  • 30 Great Basses.
  • 8 Distinctive Chords.
  • 10 Inspiring Keyboards.
  • 24 Amazing Leads.
  • 22 "Moving" Presets.
  • 12 Ready-to-use Organs.
  • 22 Unique Pads.
  • 19 Scary Special Effects.
  • 30 Synthesizer Pluck Sounds.
  • 16 Stawczyk's Synthesizers.



Times Sound Set for VS-2

Following the release of the "Frontier" sound bank for Applied Acoustics Systems' string modeling synthesizer. Do not hesitate to ask "How many Times have I been told this synth is more that one can get? Times sound bank expands its capabilities.

Times' Features:

  • 18 Ambient presets.
  • 15 Chords to enrich the compositions.
  • 14 Crashing leads.
  • 7 Calm pads.
  • 12 Gated flows.
  • 17 Original sound effects.
  • 46 Inspiring synthesizers.
  • 11 Bass arpeggiators.
  • 17 Heavy-guitar arps.
  • 30 original melody arpeggiators.


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Reviewed By PajKVR
February 17, 2019

A good bundle bargain. 787 presets for a couple of great AAS instuments (600 for Ultra Analog). The presets come with straight-forward directions for the manual installations. The presets sound good and perform well---more than a few strikingly so.

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