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Reviewed By rlared
January 6, 2019

I am in love with this synth. I demo'd it for a while and finally purchased it yesterday. It is hands-down the best synth I've owned. This is the first synth where I've actually smiled and said "God I f*cking love this synth" on multiple occasions while using it.

The sound is incredible and the feature set is amazing. The routing capabilities are super flexible. The effects sound awesome. The arpeggiator is world-class.

The interface is amazingly good, which makes it a pleasure to work with the synth. I love how the routing works. I love that "mute" and "solo" buttons appear over each layer when you mouse over them. I love that right clicking each module in the routing draws a red box over the section it applies to. I love how the modules have the colors of the applicable layer above them to make it easy to see what's going on. I love that the envelopes pop up when you're adjusting a parameter, and that they clearly show a dot that moves over the envelope in time. I love how it shows the chord you're playing up at the top. There are so many thoughtful additions and "quality of life" features that the developers put into the synth to make it easy to use and intuitive.

The developer is on KVR all the time and actively engaged with the community. There's tons of videos showing the features.

I was a little concerned that it might be too resource-hungry for my PC but I loaded up 10 instances of it with different arpeggiated presets, each playing 4-note chords, and all of those being sent to one separate convolution reverb plugin, and my system was able to run it without problems (I have an Intel I7, 4 core 3.2 GHz, 8 gigs ram) although the RAM was almost maxed out at that point. I consider that a "stress test" since I doubt I'll have 10 instances ever loaded in a song with that many notes playing at once. So if you have lesser specs you might want to test the demo out before buying to make sure it will run well.

Other than that, I finally found the perfect synth for me after years of trying different ones and I highly recommend it.

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Reviewed By godly
August 24, 2018

My only go to synth.

And I've tried many, because I'm very demanding to find all I need in 1 synth for live use. But only Avenger can please me up to now. I use it as my solo live synth running in my DAW on stage. It's demanding but I've found a way to get it running pretty smooth. Besides it's the only synth that has a next/prev preset assignment (thank you devs !;-) Very handy when you want to load the next preset in your DAW, because like most synths, you can't pc a preset/bank anymore.

It sounds like a monster, can distort multiple ways, has huge filters and effects, lot's of synthesis, .. in 1 word I love it.

Why I choose Avenger?

  • It has 8 OSC (eight!) and you can even add multi samples under 1 osc+sub and voicing in the osc.
  • Has many synthesis on board, also a nice basic sampler per osc.
  • It has arp on board, step seq, mod env, ...
  • A drum seq and full drumkits.
  • Full modulation possibility, everything you see can be assigned to everything .
  • Great effects in chains or as send, ...
  • Comes with a huge library of professional presets and the devs are working all the time on new expansions. Mainly it's dance oriented, but you can go several ways with this synth, even importing (basic) multi samples...

Sound Quality: Just perfect, what more could you wish? A ton of fx, waveforms, drum samples, drum patterns, arps, ... to choose from plus many filters.

UI: Consider it the Nord of usability. All knobs in your reach, use rightclick or shift for more functions, ... and very nice skinable. I already made several skins for it. It's not easy to put all the functions into one interface, but somehow they managed it. Some things could be better and I'm still demanding those tweaks to the devs, ... Hoping one day they will make this great synth even better.

Synthesis and functions: Almost unliimited, you can assign everything to everything. And the developers are working on even more functions and synthesis every month (it's version 1.3.6 already since 7/2016.

CPU: It's quite demanding but works perfectly for many instances on a modern music PC via Wasapi (I hear Mac is the same). Although there is an optimisation problem with ASIO (I get pretty fast some cracks on my MOTU mk4 at 128 smpls).

Price: A fair price for such a great product. The expansions are rather expensive, but worth the money and very well programmed into the detail.

Support: The dev Rene is always ready to answer your questions or fix any problems. And sound dev Manuel is every day online here at KVR forum for your prayers...

Conclusion: The intrest is growing very fast in this synth as it's still kinda new under the soft flagships. It's not perfect. It has flaws, but I believe in the product and the dev team is very helpful and responsive. They even help me solve issues I have with live situations for the synth. Which is quite unique (sorry for the nagging Rene and Manuel;-)).

I see this synth rising the coming years, next to other big boys as Serum, Falcon, Omnisphere, ...

Keep on improving the product .

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Reviewed By hollyWorse
February 3, 2018


If you're wondering: Shouldn't I buy Serum instead of VPS Avenger, "cause Serum's a standard and everyone's using it, including deadmau5"?

Well, then maybe you should. But if you're looking for a synth that beats Serum in practically every aspect, and even isn't (much) more expensive: Buy Avenger! Don't get fooled by the sound demos and packs that all sound like pure "EDM / Mainstream Trance" directly from the Netherlands. Avenger can do this, granted, but it can also do pretty much anything else. I'm into Dub Techno / Minimal and Avenger is a pure joy to work with. Coming from UVI Falcon, which is very different to Avenger, not better or worse, the great thing about Avenger is you kinda get the versatility of Falcon, but in a much quicker and more userfriendly workflow. I wouldn't wanna miss this pure awesomeness of a synth ever again (nor would I wanna miss Falcon). It has some rough edges, but it's few.

Sound Quality: Purely excellent
UI: Good
Versatility: You can phase-modulate (FM) a Wavetable with a Sample or whatever combination you want. Then add Analog Style Filters or FX. You can draw synth shapes. There're so many things. 100%, seriously.
CPU: No problems on a decent CPU, Ryzen 7 or Core-i5. Even running on my Tablet-PC although mileage will vary depending on the patch. Still performance is great in my eyes, a lot better than U-he synths for example.

Made myself a lot of enemies with this review I guess, but I hope I also made a few new friends! :)

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Reviewed By dune_rave
May 11, 2017

I review Avenger based on its demo. It's quite easy to install it, though has more than 4Gig factory content, but it's OK for me. One word from the the developer : Vengeance Sound means quality, and browsing the forums I have never read any bad about their stuff.

The factory sounds are good, but for me, something is missing (maybe I should demo it more). Similar hybrid monster synths like Zebra or Blue II contain more presets I like. I think my problem with the sound is that VSP Avenger mainly offers sounds for the todays' producer, and don't contain "oldschool" sounds in its factory set, Sure it can sound many different ways.

Anyway, the GUI is interesting with lots of visual feedback and animation, so a great fun factor, but on the other hand is quite a mess. There are some parts that are small despite of their role, for example the modulation matrix should be bigger% from the whole gui. I think Avenger gui problem is that they want to put many things in one screen, where some parts should deserve a second screen alone.

I Quite like the Arpeggiator, and the Zone screen where you can layer sounds. I only tried some of the effects, and filters. That was really interesting to see a "tape stop" kind of fx in the effects rack.

So currently I have mixed feelings with Avenger. The main reason of this is I mainly like synths that are made for one specific goal, and Avenger is not this kind. It is made for covering many synthesis types, and the question is if it can sound wicked enough...

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Reviewed By ZaBong69
May 9, 2017

They said "the last synth you will ever need".

And they have a point. If there is one word for the philosophy of this soft synth, it's MORE. It pretty much has everything you may want to see in one synth, overdelivering on many things - who actually needs 8 oscillators in one sound, and what do I want with hundreds of waveforms and 4 Gig of sample/wave content? Well, the answer is: I don't know yet, but I plan to find out.

There seems to be very little this synth can not do... audio rate modulation between oscillators or on filters is missing, and wavetable editing is not (yet?) part of the game, but other than that, a great many synthesis methods and FX are there already. There is a Zebra 2 like flexibility in routing sounds and building layers. The ergonomics are great, I had fun navigating the GUI.

How does it sound: Pretty much like anything you want. It can be digital, it can do analog, it even can do some physical modelling. Warm and fuzzy in some presets, icy cold in others. The filters are good, a wide variety is there. One of the highlights of this beast are the effects - the quality is very high, no need to use external effects. If you really must, you can program sounds that start a whole track with one key press, including a drum sequence.

VPS Avenger runs smoothly on my system, but that system is pretty high end. You are advised to test it on your computer, as some sounds can be demanding.

Highly recommended.

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