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Reviewed By tatanka
April 25, 2016

Part 1: Sample Player/Sampler/Rompler (mainly focused on the Wusik Station V8)

I call it Part 1 cause I have not come further then to loose myself in this ocean of ready made sounds. So all the hundreds of modules and modulation possibilities are left for later and maybe a part 2 :-))).

Back to the simple use as a sampler. For the installation process and getting to the point where it sounds (presets in the browser) you have to take a little time and patience for downloading the additional sounds and copy them where they belong to (I just left evrything in the default directory). And you should read the (spare) information coming with the installation files. The quick guide for wusik 4000 still gives the really needed information from 4000 to wusik station V8.

Evrything is simple but maybe a little bit different as the whole thing is :-))). So for example you just have to understand the difference between a soundset and a preset but I am sure you will get it (faster then this old man writing this review here I am sure).

Then the fun begins: someone wrote somewhere (dont remeber where) "it is not Kontakt". NO, it is not, and as far as I am concerned thats why this thing is so wonderful. When you take your journey to the presets (the presets browser is one of the best I have seen so far, only downer: the scroll bar on the right is nearly invisible for me no matter which skin I take) you realize that they are on first level categorized by sounddesigners (dnekm, artvera) or special collections.

And thats the difference to something like Kontakt you really can hear: evry sound here is designed by SOMEONE who puts his heartblood in making THIS special sound. You might like it or not, but it is something special, not just polished common without ups and downs like Kontakt (and comparative). I have bought Kontakt long time ago mainly cause of the available free or very cheap libraries that had this something special, now it seems evrything I need from all this great libraries seems to be there in one place :-))).

Of course it depends on music taste and style, but for my part of the music universum (soundscapes, ambiences, athmospheres, natural and nice sounding things :-)) etc.) it was really like a manifestation.

For a short adjustment of the sound you have two tabs for master and fx, there you can adjust evrything you need for evry involved layer of the sound.

Just as a short hint: Wusik4000 and Wusik8000 goes more deeper into the modular building and modulating of sounds, but thats for (maybe) a part 2.

Thank you William for giving this to the world.

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Reviewed By TEKing66
September 12, 2015

First I just want to say that this has to be one of the easiest to understand synths that I have messed with. Yet it is deep, very deep, when it comes to modulation possibilities. Also, it's surprisingly light on the CPU, especially for the horsepower you have to play with. The ways with which you have to mangle and torture sounds with is top notch, as are the ways with which you caress and gently push the sounds where you want them to go. All the oscillators sound excellent, the filters are top notch as well as the envelopes, and then there are the effects, again it's all good and with more than enough control to get what you want out of it.

I have to say I had looking at Wusik Station before, and had thought about purchasing the synth, but I hesitated. Then the deal to get Wusik Station V8, Wusik 8000 & Wusik Statio V7, all for a great price!! Well I just couldn't pass it up, it was just to good of a deal. Now, I'm just a bit sorry I waited when I think about the time I wasted in not buying this synth before. Wusik Station V7 is a great synth, Wusik 8000 is a really excellent modular synth, and Wusik Station V8 is just as incredible as the former two are.

These really are some extremely good synths for the price. Everyone should have a look before spending 2,3 or 4 times the money for something that may not have half as much to offer. But, that's just my two cents worth.

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Reviewed By Ranjarresh
July 9, 2015

I was WusikStation 7 user for a long time, and it was always one of my favorite synths (even among such big names like Alchemy or Absynth). Now extremely prolific developer of Wusik company released the next incarnation of this versatile instrument, in this build even more powerful and feature-rich. Sound library is really vast (many soundsets added, comparing to v7 library), and WusikStation 8 can use presets and sounds from version 7. For its flexibility I will point to custom-defined scripted filters and AudioLooper layers giving ability to sample and process incoming audio signal. Goodies like reskinnable interface are on their place, too. WusikStation 8 is also multiplatform: Windows and Mac builds are available, Linux build is announced for this year. So this is a real gem, and will not hurt your pocket.

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Reviewed By exiannyc
July 7, 2015

I think it's a fantastic product. The sound library is huge, the wave sequencing opens up tremendous modulation possibilities but feels easy to understand, and it's bundled with wusik 8000, which i think is my dream virtual modular come true. Some soft synths make me feel frustrated or clumsy. Wusik makes me feel excited and engaged. And i think the filters sound great, creamy or screamy or anything in between. Enjoy. ChristianRead more

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