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Hey guys,

Swedish singer/songwriter looking for some creative people to join in on some magic.

Been working on an album for 3 years now but I still feel I need a few more songs, hence I'm checking in with you guys.

I'm pretty versatile in my music creation and enjoy switching between different genres; you could probably describe my music as a mix betwenen rnb, pop, electronic, retro wave and soul.

Ive uploaded some ideas i'd really like to finish off (note that these are only ideas, in lack of lyrics. Beats are at a very early stage as I dont produce). Of course, we can start with entirely new projects if you feel a vibe. ... as/s-CSPvG

I do have a label behind me which is extremely eager to push this project.

Dont hesitate to contact me on ( if you have any questions!

Kind regards,
Naked People

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