jam618 : a sketch - acoustic guitar, synths, drums, mellow with some beats, improv section

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Post Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:13 am

Here's a current sketch. It will be a longer type of piece, at about 10 minutes. All parts are in place. Guitar parts will be re-recorded, drums will see variations, mixing will be done (currently only a rough mix) as well as mastering.

It starts off smoothly with synths, to which piano is added then guitar. Next comes the drums and grooves followed by a drums/arp synth improv section. The return is made with guitars and the conclusion sees synths and guitars, back to mellow.

While the mix is certainly not finished (at all) it would be nice if it can open a bit, eg. more 'air' perhaps, without exaggerating highs.

Comments welcomed.



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