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New Look, New Deals at eSoundz

We have a new look at eSoundz! You have probably seen the visual changes happening over the last few months, but we're finally ready to call it an official site re-launch! With so many products, formats and product series, we have revised the site to make your eSoundz user experience better than ever. Our home page was the first to change, and you'll notice that we have banners all along the left side that now link to "landing pages" for each format or product series.

Interested in Neil Peart Drums? Click the Neil Peart Drums banner on the left, and see everything Neil Peart at eSoundz.

A fan our our RMX Paks for Stylus? Click the RMX banner and see everything we have for Stylus RMX.

The same goes for our SampleTank libraries, Reason Refills, Infinite Player libraries for Kontakt, R.A.W. loops and more.

Then you'll see the tabs along the top of all pages updated to get you where you want to go faster than ever. Click Soundz, Plug-inz or even Hardware where you will find the groundbreaking IK Multimedia iOS accessories and guitar interfaces for professional musicians.

Get to your User Area fast, get Support, even browse through our latest collection of Free Soundz ... all at the new eSoundz!

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