Utility of ST Expansion Groove Packs

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Post Sat May 12, 2012 9:18 am

Can someone comment on the utilties of these? I've been looking at the crossgrade offer, but I pretty much already have all the instrument expansion packs that I want.

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Post Thu May 17, 2012 5:08 am

LAGinz wrote:Can someone comment on the utilties of these? I've been looking at the crossgrade offer, but I pretty much already have all the instrument expansion packs that I want.
The utilities? Not sure what you mean. But if you mean simply what are the advantages I can tell you a few. First, having loops mapped to the keyboard vs. on their own as waves or Rex has some advantages. They can be played faster and in combinations instantly. You can audition quickly and also do a sequence of them with ease. In SampleTank you can VERY quickly process and manipulate them with all sorts of cool lofi and vintage effects plus filter etc. Finally there are a host of cool tools in SampleTank for working with loops. From the "Loop Sync" button which makes them sync to your host tempo to the different sample engines such as PSTS and Stretch. You can experiment around with the different ways you can re-tempo a loop or mangle it creatively.
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Post Sun May 20, 2012 9:56 am

To me, the cool thing about the Xpansion/Retanks is the ability to quickly put together realistic sounding drum and percussion performances in styles that would take LOTs of programming, and an in-depth knowledge of their playing techniques.

I picked up Jazz, Blues and Motown Grooves for stuff like that and they sound GREAT. They're really well produced loops played by talented drummers, and nice to have around if I get a call for something in those genres.

A KVRer hipped me up to some REALLY sweet handclap patterns in the Sixties Motown set, and there are cool little things like that in a lot of the Tanks. Shakers, tamborines, drum machine perc, so even in the construction sets, there's pieces you can use to liven up your original stuff too.

There are just drums/percussion loop sets, like Nashville Pop, or Blues and Jazz Grooves and the various Percussion libs, and full construction kits like Country Folk Rhythms, Hip Hop Grooves and the Electronica titles.

torgo has mentioned elsewhere that several of the electronica Xpansion Tanks have been combined for the Retank series, so you may get more content by using your choices for those and other things only eSoundz offers, like the three Latin specialty percussion sets.

Lastly, I get calls from young artists who sing or rap, but need beats to get started. Having stuff like Hip Hop Grooves around lets me say "We have that!" and sometimes gets me the gig. And you can remix, do breaks and drops, and process tracks individually, something that web bought mp3 beats can't touch.

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