If I buy the current FL Studio can I still register the old versions?

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Post Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:39 pm

Simple question (possibly stupid). I'm an Ableton user on the fence about switching to FL Studio, I have an old demo version on a disc (version 8 ) and prefer that layout of everything to the newer one and I don't quite like the look of 12.

If I buy the newer FL can I still register the older versions or can I only register 11 or 12 onward? Or is there a way to get the older layout in the new FL Studio?

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Re: If I buy the current FL Studio can I still register the old versions?

Post Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:19 am

my regkey from the user account goes back a few versions, i think (will have to check) that 8 is included.

11 will be the last bitmapped/old layout one, so its pretty much the same 'look' as 8.

I still use 10 (I dont really use the performance mode thats in 11.. yet.)

just downloaded the latest regcode today and its got reg info for

im pretty sure i've had earlier, so it might be that they remove older ones periodically. might be worth me backing up the regkey off my older pc with previous licenses :)

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Re: If I buy the current FL Studio can I still register the old versions?

Post Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:21 pm

If you decide to make a purchase for FL Studio now your Regkey should give you access to both FL 10, and FL 11. You'll also get access to all future versions with lifetime updates. You wont get access to FL Studio 8, although you don't need to. FL Studio 11 has the same layout with more recent features. If you're concerned about Pattern Blocks in the Playlist you can still have access to that through a little tweaking of the software, I believe placing a file somewhere. You can find out how to unlock it on the Image-Line forum. Once you get used to FL Studio's workflow you'll actually like FL 12, plus you're getting it for free regardless so you'll eventually use it.

If it's a first time purchase you can get a discount with my affiliate link and if you have questions regarding FL Studio, features, or issues you can always message me.

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