Pulsecode and Bitwig 2.4.3 Linux (Xubuntu 18.04)

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Post Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:46 am


I use regularly Phonec2 and Echomelt2, both of which I find great. I'm trying Pulsecode and like quite a lot the character of it. One problem though: the chosen preset will not be reloaded when reloading a session. Pulsecode will default to 'Ok Go' even though the session was last saved using a preset. This is the demo version.

Phonec2 and Echomelt2 are reloading just OK. This problem is specific to Pulsecode. I know you do not support Linux although I wonder if you can do something about that since the other two plugins are working just fine.

Or is it the expected behaviour of the demo version ?


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