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Post Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:18 pm

Hello, I have some suggestions for your apps including PPG Wavegenerator:
*Please drop the price for at least the Wavegenerator. Maybe you can do a Black Friday or Holdiay sale on iTunes.
*Why doesn't the iOS version of Wavegenerator have ring modulation? Please add it.
*I would also like to see Oscillator Sync for at least Wavegenerator.
*I heard MiniMapper is the only app that allows titlting the device for modulation. Other apps should have tilting for modulation too.
*You should make the iOS version of Wavemapper more like Wavemapper 2
*Make an emulation of the PPG Wave 2.3v for iOS. The Wavegenerator is basically like a PPG Wave
*Are you interested in Additive or Granular synthesis? Maybe you can make an Additive/Wavetable hybrid app

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