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Here's the new features since v1.26:

- Not just 44.1 KHz supported now, lower and higher (Gold version) frequency sample rates are now available!! Great news is that lower frequencies means the wave is now rendered much faster. For example, setting it to 11025 Hz will mean it renders four times faster. Great for previewing. For the high-end users, SonicPhoto has been tested successfully at 768 KHz!

- Not just 16bit sound now, 8, 24 and 32 bit sound output is now possible (Gold version). The latter two run slower (especially so with 32 bit which requires hardcore non-pre-calculated trig functions), but like higher KHz, they're great for post-processing without losing valuable information.

- Adjusting sliders by clicking either side of the pointer is now easier and scrolls further.

- Bug fixed with chord note section and higher than ten octaves supported.

- Slight refinement of the tracking line to more closely reflect the exact part of the sound it's playing.

- Minor cosmetic bug fix where picture didn't load in high quality on SonicPhoto startup.

For features going back further, please visit the history page: ... story.html
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