Inspire Audio releases FX Pearls Vol.1

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FX Pearls offers all musicproducers, recording studios, game producers, songwriters, and web designers a large spectrum of immediate usable effects, such as hits, scifi fx, ambiences, sweeps, mutant voices, noises, delay fx, scratches, pitch and harmonizer fx, shocks & drumloops. Those have been created with highend equipment of brands such as Eventide, Manley, Urei, Lexicon, Sontec, TC, TLA, Pro Tools. A high-quality effect Sample-Pack, which cuts out standard effects and starts right where many conventional other stop.

Tech Specs

530MB Sample Pack, 24-bit Wavs (339 FX Sounds), EXS24 Instruments.

Inspire Audio FX Pearls Vol.1 is available for instant download at for 12.98 €.

Note: The sample pack is the same as formerly listed at Mutekki Media except I updated the folder structure and mastered at 24Bit now.

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