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Post Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:53 am

I would like to propose a sort of "high end" "low end" "free" category system alongside the current "effects" "instruments" "sample libraries" system.

the reason for this is the overwhelming suggestion/request of freeware. i see a thread called "hard limiting vst" then i open it, and i see the question "what's the best FREE hard limiting vst?"

i am looking for "what's the best hard limiting vst?" not necessarily free (free is fine. i love freeware.) but i'm looking for reasonably priced quality. somewhere between TAL/audio damage and Waves/UAD, respectively. (no disrespect intended)

so maybe like these subforums:

"free" (free-50$ per plug)
"mid priced" (75-250 per plug)
"high end" (250+ per plug)

approximate numbers ^^^^^^^^

but yeah, that would be cool i believe. thanks for agreeing or disagreeing either way!
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