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Post Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:07 am

Hink wrote:
Vonbrucken wrote:
Hink wrote: But I do appreciate your input because it does bring up things to address but I don't think it's enough to scrap the idea. :)
No problem Honk, glad I could help in some ways :) But I really doubt they will make a dedicated forum for this .... :shrug:
Honk? :hihi: maybe they wont, but it's worth serious consideration. It is true that being able to hide behind a computer screen makes it easier to ignore customers. In my opinion it really has become apparent that the level of customer service for many large companies as become all but extinct. The pride is gone or if not gone it's got it's hat and keys and is headed out the door.

This isn't just in the music biz but everywhere, back in the day most of the people you dealt with were your neighbors. You had your "guy" for everything and they were part of your community so treating them with respect was never an issue. It was simply a matter of doing the right thing, you can use banks as a great example.

It wasn't until banks got all connected and not only national but international, instead of the bank knowing you as a friend we all just became a number. What happened? Suddenly when people turned to numbers the banking industry became hostile then downright predatory. Instead of your neighbors and friends they didn't care, they would rather screw the customers over. That is a big reason for this economy right?

Part of this globalization is also that there are a lot of people offering the same type of products, often the only real difference is the name on the product. We can see this a lot here in the wonderful world of DAWs. Really it's getting to a point where every company comes out with similar features as each other. This suggests to me that the quality of a product is less in question and to get a leg up on the competition is getting harder. Companies are running out of ways to put themselves in the lead and I see this as all roads pointing to one thing they can improve on...customer service.

As for a forum, my vision would be no flame fests, no bashing, I would expect those with complaints to put the complaints out there respectfully or it may be apparent the problem is them. The rules of the forum can express this and that if it's deemed inappropriate it would get a mod edit and a request they conform to the rules.

As for those who come in to defend the company (that was a very good point for you to bring up), this would be fine as long as it stayed within the rules. Of course that's being idealistic and special attention would have to be paid to this. The solution would be to split the thread and send those who choose to bicker to the appropriate forum as we see mods do now. If it got out of hand from there the thread could be locked without dismissing the original poster's complaint.

I am very passionate about service, I was always a small town boy and it's paiful to watch it slip away. I'm not comfortable with so many having a laugh on their way to the bank at my expense. As of late people rollover and say that's how it is :shrug: But it doesn't have to be.

Also remember hopefully a forum would draw those with positive experiences to tell their tale of happiness. I'm going through this with P-cal, I want to tell everyone I meet "do you know how awesome these guys are?" People like to share good stories would take work but it could work and I've got the time to put into it. :)
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Post Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:04 am

I hope this notion isn't just be treated as nonsense because I'm really passionate about doing my part to put the consumer in charge. I hear all the time about companies that do not listen to the customers, I hear people say "what can one person do?". Here's the cure for both plus a good way to recognize quality customer service.

I want to give an example right here on KvR that shows quite clearly that some large companies do indeed see that there are numbers here and to have a reputation here as a company with good customer service is win/win.

First I want people to notice the gap between the original post and my post, I bumped this up and it might of gone unnoticed. I discovered the thread by mistake but I knew by posting my complaint I would also bump it up.

My complaint was well received by the company and I was satisfied with the response. By the end of the day at least two more of their customer service reps joined KvR. This is not a small company in the music industry, in fact I believe it's been 'round longer than me :scared:

Please don't just shoot this idea down, give it some thought because I do really believe it could be a great thing :)
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