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Paulie Phonick
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Post Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:01 am

There's not many plugins running natively under Linux, but plenty of Windows plugins can supposedly be run under Linux using Wine. Wouldn't it be a good idea to list information about their compatibility with this approach in the plugin database? This would provide people who are considering (like me) or running a Linux installation with a good way of finding out what they can expect in terms of compatibility - and integrating this information into the plugin database would help in keeping it organized way better than a sticky thread.

From what I remember reading, some plugins can be made to run under Linux+Wine with some basic steps and some require additional workarounds. Thus, the way I see it, there could be a general type of a 'how to run a plugin under Wine' guide sticky somewhere, that would walk a user through the common steps for doing it as well as list any common sources of incompatiblity (e.g. dongles - which is just an example as I don't really know if they are problematic with Wine). Then, in the plugin compatibility information, there could be three levels of Linux-Wine compatibility:

:tu: works for plugins that can be run following the basic guide (should include a link to it)

:pray: works with extra steps for plugins that doesn't work following the basic guide, but for which there is a known workaround (should include the links to the guide plus any other threads that discuss the workaround)

:bang: doesn't work

The guide as well as compatibility information (including any workarounds) could be provided by plugin devs and KVR users (I'm sure there are people around here with experience in this area that would be willing to share it), it's just a question of providing them with a bit of additional infrastructure for doing it in an organized way.

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Post Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:15 am

Seems like a good idea. One issue is that developers are already pretty busy testing on Windows or OS X or both. It is also a question of market share - how many extra sales will a developer get for supporting or even testing on Linux? Just some thoughts. If it was something that users could contribute to, that might help :)

For anyone interested, here is an excellent guide with very easy to follow instructions for getting Reaper running under Wine: ... h-wineasio

Following these instructions, I was able to get both Repaer and Alchemy successfully running on Ubuntu Studio 8 with a minimum of fuss.

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Paulie Phonick
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Post Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:32 am

It definitely is something the users can contribute. The kind of guide you provided could be the basis or at least an inspiration for a KVR guide - and the information you just entered about Reaper and Alchemy could easily become part of their description in the plugin database if only there were means of adding it there.

The developers need to test and support a Linux version only if they provide a native one. For running under Wine, it's enough for them to provide and test a Windows version and the users will see if it can work on Linux. Producing a Windows version that runs under Wine should also be easier for developers than a native Linux one - they just need to stay away from known incompatible stuff. It's also not like Linux+Wine is a platform that needs to be officially supported.
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