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Post Wed Jan 04, 2006 6:36 am

The KVRwiki has gone into beta! Think of it as a publicly editable information store on all things audio technology / music production related. If you get involved it could be great :)

I've set up some initial pages to start things off. The heart of the KVRwiki should be the AudioLexicon - it's like a dictionary, but dedicated to all things audio. Feel free to make any additions, corrections, enhancements or modifications under the relevant index letter once you have become an editor.

KVRwiki Editors Group

Please note that although Wikis are usually editable by all-comers we require you to be not only a KVR member but also a member of the KVRwiki Editors Group. Sadly, this is due to the number of people that join KVR seemingly with the intention of causing trouble - we do not intend to let them have edit access to the KVRwiki and cause unnecessary disruption.

The KVRwiki Editors Group is free to join; simply reply to this post requesting to be added to the group and a group moderator will add you to the editors group (unless you are one of the disruptive members of course!).

There are four levels of access:

1. KVRwiki Admin
  • Full access to the KVRwiki, including making pages read-only, plus renaming and deleting them. Just me.
2. KVRwiki Chief Editor
  • Members of this group have the same permissions as the Wiki Editors group, plus the ability to delete pages, rename pages and set page flags (disabled, read-only, etc.) Membership to this group is by invitation or recommendation by another Chief Editor.
3. KVRwiki Editor
  • A KVRwiki Editor can add new and edit existing pages in the KVRwiki (unless they have been set to read-only). This is what we need - the more the merrier.

    Click here to become a KVRwiki Editor!
4. Everyone Else
  • Everyone else has read only access to the KVRwiki.
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