Powering audio’s ‘must-haves’: compliance, fidelity and resilience

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I've come across this mini site / report and thought that as an active reader of the content on KVR that some of you may also benefit from it. I have been waiting to contribute with something of value..

Your audio equipment must continuously deliver premium sound fidelity, often in harsh environments and always with compliance to latest and emerging legislation. Find out how the right power supply can help you meet these critical demands.

http://poweringaudio.com/ (http://poweringaudio.com/) A report due to launch in April that could be of a real interest to some of you on here. Covers: 62368-1 | Peak Power | Ruggedisation | Redundancy | Efficiency | Quality


I will report back with the report once I receive but it could be worth you also signing up for the alert in case you forget to check back.

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