Host Automation in Vaz 2010 via the Plugin GUI

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Post Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:11 am

From my tests of the 2010 demo; Host automation in Vaz 2010 does not work by the plugin GUI. In Synapse Audio Orion, I need to change the >>>Generator Settings>>>Automation Type from "Vst Parameters" to "Midi CC" but I can't use the gui. In Ableton 8, I am not sure how to do automation by "Midi CC"

The little brother, VazPlus2, does allow Automation by the Vst Parameters in Orion, is this possible with the Vaz2010? Perhaps, I missed a way to do this, as both Orion and Ableton have nice Plugin GUI automation features that would be excellent to use with the 2010?

Thanks in Advance, James

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