Spectral: MIDI assignments as per MorphoX ?

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Post Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:45 pm

Is it possible to have an assigned knob shift it's focus depending on which oscillator is chosen ? As in MorphoX: assigning a knob to amp envelope attack will work with part A when part A is in focus and then work with part B when part B has focus. In Spectral an assignment will work even if the oscillator is not in focus, which means one has to have a gazillion of knobs or, as I'm writing this I think it could be possible to have specific configurations saved and loaded when needed. Eg.one assignment configuration could be for instance voice/detune/vol/stereo for all 4 osc (16 knobs), another could be all main amp envelope params (16 knobs), or amp and filter envelope for two oscs, etc.

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